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Umpire Code of Conduct


Being a Field Hockey Federation Umpire (“Umpire”) is a privilege, not a right. As an Umpire, I agree as follows:


·         I am now and shall stay current with the rules and interpretations of Field Hockey Federation Inc. and Cal Cup.

·         I will always be properly dressed and equipped while officiating as Umpire.

·         I will always be polite and strive to use the most appropriate language and conduct possible.

·         I know that an Umpire who arrives habitually late, and/or has inappropriate physical contact with players, coaches or spectators reflects poorly on all umpires

·         I know that Umpires are regarded as a team from the moment they arrive to a competition site and therefore, conduct themselves with the utmost level of professionalism to ensure that the officiating team is perceived as having been professional

·         I know that Umpires represent the profession of sports officiating both on and off the pitch and agree that I will never officiate while under the influence of illegal drugs, alcohol or any legal substance or medication that impairs judgment.


I agree that it is an umpire's responsibility to encourage the highest level of play and to model good sportsmanship by penalizing unfair, unsafe and/or unsportsmanlike play and/or conduct. Umpires are facilitators who have the responsibility to keep the game fair by enforcing the current rules and interpretations without prejudice or bias. Umpires do not officiate at games in which the Umpire has a conflict of interest.


Grievance Procedures: Any person may report any Umpire who violates or who is suspected of violating this Code of Ethical Conduct to the Chair of the Field Hockey Federation Ethics Committee.


As a Field Hockey Federation Umpire, I agree that:

·         I am an integral part of the game of field hockey.

·         I am very visible. My decorum, as well as my skill, is constantly being scrutinized by coaches, players, spectators, and fellow officials.

·         I am a facilitator whose responsibility it is to keep the game fair by enforcing the rules and penalizing unfair, unsafe and/or unsportsmanlike play and/or conduct.

·         I understand that no person with a conviction involving inappropriate behavior with a minor or other criminal conduct deemed by United States Field Hockey Association to represent conduct unbecoming an umpire may hold a United States Field Hockey Association umpire certification. I certify that I do not have such a conviction.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance of the Umpire’s Code of Conduct:


I certify that all the information I have provided is correct and complete and realize that falsification or misrepresentation, including omission, on this or any other record, may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including loss of membership.


By signing this Electronic Signature Acknowledgment Online Form, I agree that my electronic signature is the legally binding equivalent to my handwritten signature. Whenever I execute an electronic signature, it has the same validity and meaning as my handwritten signature. I will not, at any time in the future, repudiate the meaning of my electronic signature or claim that my electronic signature is not legally binding.







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