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USA Masters Adult Information: Play, Join, Spread the Word.

USA Field Hockey is invested in growing the game for Adults and Masters as a sport for life. The U.S. Men's and Women's Masters Committees work in conjunction with USA Field Hockey to grow the sport for adults and masters nationwide. U.S. Masters is an open and welcoming community for every field hockey player over the age of 35 (or soon to be 35) to continue their field hockey career.

Playing opportunities for Masters continue to grow locally, regionally and internationally. There are Masters events for both the recreational player as well as the high-performance athlete looking to represent Team USA internationally. If you have a green card, visa, or have been a permanent resident in the United States for 12 months leading up to the World Cup, you are welcome to play for Team USA in international competition. Even if you are not eligible to represent the United States internationally, you can still welcome to participate in Masters events domestically.

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