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Notes from the President & Revised Game Schedule - Weeks 1-3 v6a

Updated: May 7

Hi All,

I wanted to thank the great majority of you for how well we masked, took temperatures last weekend, and socially distanced. We appreciate you not bringing food to the field to try and deal with the snake problem. Please take all player bags to the player pavilion side at the start of the game and exit from the northeast gate closest to Simi Valley. Just a reminder that we cannot park in the usual FH parking lot next to the field - we are required to park right in front of the parking building.

It was great to see so many smiling faces ( even behind masks) and seeing all the youth players on Saturday. I would ask that we not congregate either by the field or in the parking lot until further notice as the cameras on top of the parking building look directly at these areas. Please take pizza/sandwiches down to the park, a 3-minute walk and out of the college's purview.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have spent many months getting the league ready to get back on the field. This includes the board and the commissioners who contacted all the players to organize teams. In no particular order Poonam, Shilpi, Dale, Marc, Jeff, Hindy, Karen, Sharon and many other volunteers who cleaned, called, purchased, coached or e-mailed. THANKS_THANKS-THANKS.

Sadly we had a few incidents last weekend during adult games where players believed they had the right to question/yell and even abuse Umpires. Let me simply state that without our officials, we would not have a league whatsoever, and we will stand behind them no matter what. We will move simply from yellow to red cards if this poor behavior is replicated during the season. There are no excuses and no mitigating factors. I hope this e-mail is sufficient to dissuade the players who misbehaved last week to set a new standard this week.

We will have an upcoming fundraiser at the field to try and keep the Stanford FH program alive. With close to 400 participants, a United front from Socal FHF could not hurt. Taylor Sweezy will organize this and we will give more details shortly.

The league will run until the last week of June, and the final schedule with those weeks on it will be published shortly.

Lastly, if you do see a snake at the field, do not disturb it but alert any adult who will find a board member to deal with it. We will be applying a snake repellent around the field, which we hope addresses the problem. Please be safe


Dave Jackson

FHF President.

2021 Spring Schedule-v6a
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