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From the desk of the FHF President

Hi all,

We are now on Halloween week and are over halfway into the season with most games competitive and well played.

We still have a number of areas of improvement and will attempt to address these.

We requested proof of USAFH membership, and each player will have to show the Umpire that they are USAFH members before they take the field this Sunday. They can either print out their USAFH card or upload a digital card to their phone. This will need to be done 5-10 minutes before the game....NO CARD, NO PLAY.

There are a few teams who still have not fully paid their League fees, they need to be fully paid before Sundays games or they will not be allowed to play.

Please also remember that our Umpires are a massive part of our league, without them we would not be playing. It is simply unsportsmanlike behavior to talk back to our officials in a derogatory fashion or to impugn their character with claims of bias or slanted views. We took action in the spring where an umpire was subjected to foul language and a team was suspended. Umpires are the only authority in the game, not a coach/manager/captain have any say in how the on-field management of a game is carried out.

FHF has a code of conduct that sets out standards that we all agree to at the beginning of each season. We need to continue to uphold these behaviors, especially where our Youth Teams are present. Parents of opposing teams must not negatively interact with each other across the field if issues become contentious. Coaches must also set the bar high by positive coaching behaviors as outlined in the USAFH coaching manuals. We also need to ensure that all FHF youth coaches are USAFH certified and more importantly have gone through the SafeSport certification.

The USA Junior Men’s team will be training in Moorpark from Nov 5th through to their departure to India for the Junior World Cup on Nov 15th. There will be some scrimmage games against the Senior National players and US development players that will be announced on the website. Come on and cheer on all the boys who are heading to the Junior World Cup for the first time in over 10 years.

Play Safe, Stay Safe and enjoy the games


Dave Jackson

President FHF

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