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FHF Fall Season 2021 - Notes and Updated Schedule

Updated: Oct 27

The FHF League fees are as follows:

Youth Divisions to U16 = $600 per team

Adult Divisions U19 & Up = $800 per team

All players must have current USA Field Hockey Memberships to practice and play in FHF Sanctioned leagues and tourneys. On the homepage of our website we have the instructions and link.

We still have teams that are not yet signed up for our league play to begin this Saturday/Sunday. Team Manager/Coach must go to link on our website and register their team for free. This will activate a "Team Portal" where Manager/Coach can either add players to roster or send link for players to roster themselves.

A suggestion is as follows:

The Bulldog's Club is implementing the addition of Umpire Fees by surcharging the individual players in their registration, then paying the Umpire fees weekly as a Club. Change is sometimes cumbersome and slow, so we took the initiative to not rely on our individual teams for this season to be responsible.

SoCal Field Hockey Federation Umpire Pay for Fall Season

All teams are responsible for paying umpire fees this season

Each team will pay umpire cash payment before the start of each game.

Youth game umpires receive $30 for each game, while adult game umpires receive $35 for each game.

SoCal FHF will keep $200 petty cash in the Snack Shack in case any team(s) do not have payment ready for such game. Team is responsible to reimburse SoCal FHF prior to their next game or risk forfeiture of that game for non-payment.

SoCal FHF will pay $15 per game for those who are “shadow” umpiring.

Club/Team/Coach Recommended Administration of Umpire Fees

Background: Youth Umpires Pay= $30 per game Adult Umpires Pay= $35 per game. The upcoming season is 8 or 9 total games to be played. Example= U19 Girls Team plays 9 games x’s $35 per game, for total umpire fees of $315. If U19 Team has 10 players, then each player pays Club/Team/Coach $35 cash for their share of the entire season. For Adult Games the Team Manager/Captain can simply ask each player during warmups for $2.50-$3.50, then present it to the Umpire before the game starts.

  • Club/Team/Coach can collect prior to start of the upcoming season their typical per player registration fees + $35 umpire fee.

  • Each week Club/Team/Coach/Manager/Captain will present an Umpire for their game $35 for that said game.

  • Clubs/Teams/Managers/Captains/Coaches can administer the collection of funds to pay umpire however they see fit, and in their own best interest.


Fall 2021 League Schedule - v15
Download PDF • 653KB

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