Field Hockey Federation (FHF) is a Southern California organization that has sponsored and organized field hockey clubs and leagues, public and private school field hockey programs, and adult programs to pursue the sport of field hockey.

 Sun 10/20/2019 StartFinishOfclDivisionTeamTypeOpponentNote By 
Moorpark, North Field 10:00a 10:55a  >U14 Boys> Coyotes - U14 Boys Game Rebels - U14 Boys U14 Boys   
11:00a 11:55a  >Division 2 Mixed> Bulldogs - D2 Game Cougars - D2 D2 Mixed  MB 
12:00p 12:55p  >Division 1 Women> Santa Monica FHC - D1W Game Oh Yeah! - D1W D1 Women  MB 
1:00p 1:55p  >U12 Mixed> Kings - U12 Game WC Riptide - U12 U12 Mixed  MB 
2:00p 2:55p  >Division 1 Women> Santa Monica FHC - D1W Game Jolie-Pitts - D1W D1 Women  MB 
3:00p 3:55p  >U14 Girls> Coyotes - U14 Girls Game Kings - U14 Girls U14 Girls  MB 
4:00p 4:55p  >Division 1 Men> LA Tigers - D1M Game Cougars - D1M D1 Men  MB 
5:00p 5:55p  >Division 2 Mixed> Santa Monica FHC - D2 Game LA Tigers - D2 D2 Mixed  MB 
Moorpark, South Field 11:00a 11:55a  >Division 2 Mixed> Santa Monica II - D2 Game Y2K - D2 D2 Mixed   
12:00p 12:55p  >Division 2 Mixed> Monarcas - D2 Game Coyotes - D2 D2 Mixed  MB 
1:00p 1:55p  >U8 Mixed> Turtles - U8 Game Turtles - U8 U8 Mixed  MB 
2:00p 2:55p  >Division 1 Women> Bulldogs - D1W Game Oh Yeah! - D1W D1 Women  MB 
3:00p 3:55p  >U14 Girls> West Coast Eagles - U14 Girls Game Bulldogs - U14 Girls U14 Girls  MB 
4:00p 4:55p  >Division 1 Men> Bulldogs - D1M Game Roadrunners - D1M D1 Men  MB 
5:00p 5:55p  >Division 3 Mixed> Moorpark - D3 Game Coyotes - D3 D3 Mixed