Field Hockey Federation (FHF) is a Southern California organization that has sponsored and organized field hockey clubs and leagues, public and private school field hockey programs, and adult programs to pursue the sport of field hockey.

FHF Board of Directors - Nominees

List of Nominees to FHF Board of Directors


a. All Club Commissioners, or the designated appointee of each Club Commissioner, shall comprise a nominating commission to seek qualified candidates for election to the Board of Directors. The nominating commission shall make its report at least 30 days before the date of the election.

b. Executive Committee Members may nominate candidates for election to the Board of Directors at any time before the 30th day preceding the election.

c. At the Annual Meeting any voting member present at the meeting, may place names in nomination. Such nominations must be accompanied by agreement, in writing, by the person nominated, to serve in the office to which he or she is nominated.

In accordance with sections 4.02.a and 4.02.b, here is the slate of candidates for the 2019-20 FHF Board:

President: Dave Jackson
Vice President: Mike Whitehead , Jeff Kearin, Shawn Hindy
Director of Competitions: Chris Januszewski
Treasurer: Karen Bakerman
Secretary: Laura Spach
Systems Director:  Rob Joubert
Facilites Director: Dale Reynolds
Director of Volunteers: Tom Harris, Kristen Mesa
The elections will be held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on September 7th at 10am, location TBD.  



REMINDER: Parking permits are required whenever you park near the field during the week (Monday through Friday). Permits are $2 and can be purchased at the yellow payment kiosk (credit/debit card accepted) in the north end of the parking lot adjacent the pitch. The campus police will ticket cars that do not have a valid permit.

FHF Meetings - the FHF Board meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month at Moorpark College, all members are welcome to attend.  The next FHF Board Meeting is the Annual General Meeting scheduled for September 7, 2019 @ 10am.

Edel ID Turf Rules:  FHF Members, as a reminder, our hockey field is new and very valuable to all teams and players that participate in the league, from U8's to US National Team members.  The Edel ID turf complies with FIH tournament requirements (meaning we can host and support international hockey tournaments at our field) and was very expensive; please follow these rules to keep our new turf field in good condition:

  • No food or beverages allowed on the field, except water

  • No smoking, glass containers, or gum allowed on the field

  • No dogs are allowed on the field

  • No cleats, high heels, or metal studs/blades are allowed on the field

Thank you for your assistance preserving the hockey turf - we hope to have another decade to enjoy our field hockey pitch at Moorpark College!



Fall Season Rules

  2019 Fall Season Rules

Note:  Updated and current as of 8/17/19 and in effect for the 2019 FHF Fall Season.


posted 08/14/2019
2019 Fall Registration

The 2019 Fall Season will played on Sundays between 9/8 and 11/17. 

Team Registration

Individual Registration

Only new players need to register. If you registered during the Spring, you DO NOT need to register again.

FHF Fall 2019 Schedule

Schedule to be published in beginning of September.

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